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20ft Agility Ladder & Speed Cones Set

  • BUILD SKILL & CONFIDENCE FOR INDOOR / OUTDOOR GAMES: The Mantra Sports Agility Ladder is best for adults & kids who want to get fit & gain a competitive advantage.
  • TRAIN ANYWHERE WITH OUR ALL-WEATHER ADJUSTABLE LADDER: Use in your home gym or secure with four rust-resistant pegs on grass. Pack in its carrying bag when done
  • HOP, SKIP, AND RUN TO YOUR WEIGHT AND FITNESS GOALS: Add fun and variety to your workout with a progressive exercise plan using our foot ladder and agility disc cones.
  • TRAIN YOURSELF WITH OUR STEP-BY-STEP WORKOUT POSTER: Our adjustable speed ladder gear comes with a fully illustrated, double wall chart showing you various footwork drills for agility in each fitness level.
  • GROW STRONGER AS YOU GROW OLDER: Agility training for the elderly helps strengthen core joints to improve balance & mobility, aid better movement & prevent injury from falls that can occur as you age.

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